Convict - a sentenced criminal
politic - judicious, expedient; prudent, sagacious

Freitag, 3. Februar 2012

Seeking forgiveness from within prisonwalls

".... Recently, there were some articles talking about the "penalty" and judges being "rubber-stamp" enforces of the law...Some changes are happening that will effect every capital case. Justice Anthony Kenedy has switched up his opinion concerning the penalty and even said the law should not be able to lock people for life without parole and not give them no realistic chance of parole...
This is coming in wake, of prison being overcrowded and the number of people serving life sentences steady rising, right along with the costs to keep them there. You can see how money is short, just by the changes they are making in our diets, our supplies, they have changed meals to twice a day on some units...not here yet, but how long?

I`m not sure about that, or about how this change regarding capital cases will affect my case? I got my finger cressed, casue technically I was rubber-stamped, and I am not gonna depend on superstitions to convince the courts.
I got an ideal...tell me what you think?
Okay, I haven`t been able to communicate with my co-defendants on my case, there`s things they know that can help me, even if they don`t know they know it. Animosity is thick between us, for obvious reasons. I made their life hell too, took time from them that can`t be replaced... I don`t want it to be like that between us...not solely because I need their help, but because we need to heal too!

Crime is a two-way mirror that effects both parties...but convincing them of my sincerity will be difficult for all sorts of reasons: mainly, in part to the way we were raised...if you rat on your friends, revenge is a danger you face as a result. So part conscience and plain out fear could be an obstacle to opening up a line of communication with them. I don`t harbour any ill-will with them, I just want to learn what I can get my life back going as fast as possibly can... I can`t even make plans or set a goal beyond 20 years.
I need a date.
A definate date that I know when it comes, I`ll be free to move on, knowing full and well my past will be right in step, moving right along with me... So I`m not attempting to get out of my punishment.
My ideal is to get peace between him and me. After all is said it would be interesting knowing how he is doing, how he is holding up...he has 25 years, so in 9 years he will be discharging, I took 25 years away from do you forgive that?
If you were to imagine that you have no family of your own, having nothing that you won personally, having visioned goals you`re all but helpless to pursue, dealing with these growing changes as you change yourself and grow older, as age makes some goals more realistically possible as decades pass you by...

What will the world be like in 2036, and will will my options be at 57? AND through all of that, where does love have room to roam or grow?..."

Christopher, letter stamped at January 11, 2012

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