Convict - a sentenced criminal
politic - judicious, expedient; prudent, sagacious

Freitag, 3. September 2010

The Power of One

Every expectation, suspect,
yet, with reality`s eyes
I dreamt,
as I was ancouraged to do.
Wasn`t encouraged to expect
the poor odds God chose for me
the ones spelled out in statisties
takes of those who existed
on twisted paths, lost, confused twice
from birth till I`m back in dirt.
is One.
Life lived for 17 years,
of the days, one is clear
and from that day forward I knew,
the Power of one mistake is true.
Heard, " Anything is possible."
told, "If its meant to be it`ll happen."
Wondered where they learned to add
without adding.
Sad when, the rush to step is first,
ill-equipped steps tip the scale,
back to One...worst...
Oh, what inifity started
people and possibility,
just the potential of expecting
one thing of yourself,
awakens an ambition
reminded of where it came.
Thus forgeveness forgets
failure, is your foot on the line
behind the goal you set
but couldn`t get...
The Power of One.
Who knows the awesome power
of heart and mind becoming ONE?
That quantity is volume
and quality is value
One is not the same as the next
and what`s best, isn`t always more.

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