Convict - a sentenced criminal
politic - judicious, expedient; prudent, sagacious

Freitag, 3. September 2010

Out of the book " Blood Brother" by Elliot Arnold

A piece out of a book, Christopher wrote out to share with you...based on a true story between Cochise, the Apache-chief of the Chiricuhua tribe and a guide named Tom Jeffords...

"" There is nothing we do ourselves, Tagliato. I have found this out. Each man is driven. The things he thinks, he does himself are done for him. Each man is like an arrow. The string is pulled back and at a certain moment it is released and the arrow goes in the direction it is pointed and although it seems to have a life it has no life and its movement comes from that string and its direction from him who pulls the string and presently the appearance of life vanishes and the arrow, which so shortly before as been flying through the air like a bird, falls heavy to the ground and again is a piece of wood.
Your people and my people kill each other, Tagliato. We are of that war. One day perhaps we shall try to kill each other. If I die of a bullet I hope that it is your bullet. It is said that the bullet of a friend hurts more than the bullet of an enemy, but I have never believed this. The life of a man is the most precious thing he owns, more valuable than a horse, maybe.
It is better to give that life to a friend than to an enemy. I am tired of what goes on inside my head. It is like a country I have seen too often. There are many things there that do not make me happy. Now I have your mind to look into. And you have mine. We must look into each other as though each of us were an unexplored land, filled with many new things. If we speak with straight tongue your mind will be as though it were mine and mine as though it were yours. ""

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