Convict - a sentenced criminal
politic - judicious, expedient; prudent, sagacious

Samstag, 4. September 2010

Convict Politics part 2

Convict Politic..
writings, thoughts and poems of a convict.

Convict - sentenced criminal
Politic - judicious, expedient; prudent, sagacious


C oncrete --- P recise
O pinions --- O riginal
N arrating -- L oftly
V isions ---- I nformative
I n --------- T imeless
C andid ----- I nflexible
T ongues ---- C onvincing

Night and day, yin and yang, sun and moon, black and white are all opposites in perspective. When brought together who opposes whom? One is complement to the other`s definition, but these things will be what they are even while standing alone...

Having spent the majority of my life incarcerated, enclosed by walls on all sides and sealed by a door whose key I won`t see for some time - I`ve reflected. Perspective knocked. Patience opened the door Possibility became my friend....

Suppose it would be taking it for granted to say everyone has laid on their back and looked at clouds pass by; nameing them according to their shape. It would be greater assumption to say everyone has sat and stared at paint-chipped walls. Well, I`ve spent more than half of my life watching plenty of grey walls rebel its oppressive white paint.
And in all their jagged attempts, I see resemblance of the missing puzzle pieces of my youth, i their aging shapes.
Ones, I wondered, why I couldn`t find in my adolescetnt attempts to define myself. It was between these scattered walls, I collected piece upon piece, and began to put peace in place.

These are heartfelt opinions gathered over the journey of allowing my eyes to adjust, to the dimness from the violet end of the spectrum as opposed to the vibrant reds seen on the other side, I share my convicted wisdom.

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