Convict - a sentenced criminal
politic - judicious, expedient; prudent, sagacious

Samstag, 21. August 2010

Convict Politic

Convict - a sentenced criminal
politic - judicious, expedient; prudent, sagacious


C oncrete --- P recise
O pionons --- O riginal
N arrating -- L ofty
V isions ---- I nformative
I n --------- T imeless
C andid ----- I nflexible
T ongues ---- C onvincing

To know is to grow.
To grow is to blossom - to live.
One must secure this opportunity for themself. To aquire mental and moral instruction; and once it is acquired, to appreciate it. Don`t allow it to be taxed, spent, or fined by a foreign someone who plays puppets with your interests.
Education can`t be taken back once it`s received. It can`t be burned or turned into a burden. Unless you decide to neglect it.
Race, religion, nor regret has a soapbox here. Beauty unknown will be undervalued.
Unappreciated, unglimpsed. The slope of my facets, too jagged and flawed. But the fight is within; experience our shield. My body is my protection, confidence won`t let me believe it. Won`t let me believe it is enough. Good enough, to believe in.

My situation is accredited to struggles no one else has had the honor to glimpse naked. So you don`t understand the scars you see. The body of struggle reinforces our souls, gives our will - power.
Inner strength.
Strength that can`t be measured with the eye, from the outside - where the judgers of jewels stand.
Strength that can`t be measured untill the moment calls, its calloused calvary arriving to slay those who may oppose forward flow. Incited by insight camouglaged in our consciousness, enlisted by experience and definately determined.

In all its beautiful depths and softest pains, struggle is worthy of envy. An unaging agenda, to survive inspite. Situations I`ve struggled through, not only became a part of me, but they took me through confusing crossroads that left scars of their passing.
For awhile, I let the scars define me, but the definition of bwauty written across slate - changes at a rate too fast to state. I learned scars don`t make you ugly.
I stopped underscoring the significance of my struggle.
I learned to appreciate it.

I talk about myself because it`s all about you. Take what you can and cultivate it, to fit you.
Struggle, like pressure, defines the dimensions of diamonds from the inside - out.
Think of your inner-self, as a safe, containing all that you cherish. It`s okay that its unknown.
Be the unglimpsed beauty.

Convicted Wisdom
# 771799

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